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United States and Indonesia to Conduct Keris Marine Exercise 2023

Marines from the Indonesian Marine Corps, or Korps Marinir (KORMAR), and U.S. Marine Corps will conduct the Keris Marine Exercise (Keris MAREX)  from November 23 to December 11 in Antralina, Jampang Tengah, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, Indonesia.

Keris MAREX is a bilateral exercise led by the U.S. Marine Corps and the KORMAR intended to promote military interoperability and maritime domain awareness capabilities, strengthen relationships, and expand military capabilities among participating units.

In 2022, Marine Rotational Force–Southeast Asia participated in the inaugural iteration of Keris MAREX and returns to Indonesia this year to refine their combined capability development and continue development of interoperability.

Approximately 150 U.S. Marines and 150 Indonesian Marines personnel will participate in this year’s Keris MAREX to enhance coastal defense, joint fires, crew-served weapons, and small unmanned aerial system combined capabilities. Participants will also conduct community engagement events and subject matter expert exchanges to further our combined commitment to regional security and cooperation.

“Keris Marine Exercise 23 is a pivotal opportunity for Marine Rotational Force-Southeast Asia as we immerse ourselves in jungle warfare training in Indonesia. This is more than a training opportunity; it’s a chance to strengthen our relationship with the Indonesian Marines and enhance our mutual capabilities,” said Col. Siverts, commanding officer of MRF-SEA. Keris MAREX 23 is the first I Marine Expeditionary Force exercise hosted in Indonesia in 2023.

The Head of Indonesian Marine Information Center, Marine Corps Col. Bambang Dillanto, S.E., M.Tr (Hanla) said that Indonesia and the United States will also celebrate KORMAR and the U.S. Marine Corps anniversary at the end of the exercise. “In this very exciting training situation, we need to make the most of this valuable opportunity. We hope that the relationship between our Marine Corps will be stronger to support each other in facing complex problems in the future,” he added.  This year’s exercise will conclude with platoon-level infantry rehearsals to showcase and further the collective combat capabilities and camaraderie between the KORMAR and U.S. Marine Corps.

Source : Usembassy