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UN Security Council Resolution on Haiti

The United States welcomes the UN Security Council’s October 19 unanimous adoption of resolution 2700, which renews an arms embargo on Haiti to prevent the supply of weapons to non-state actors, as well as a targeted assets freeze and travel ban measures.

Since October 2022, the United States has taken steps to impose sanctions and visa restrictions on over 50 individuals for undermining Haiti’s democratic processes, supporting or financing gangs and criminal organizations, or engaging in significant corruption and human rights violations.

In addition, the United States continues to take steps to stem the illegal outflow of firearms from the United States to the Caribbean, including Haiti. The U.S. Government is using new criminal authorities in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to identify and hold firearms traffickers accountable. To bolster these efforts, in June 2023, Vice President Harris announced the creation of a Department of Justice Coordinator for Caribbean Firearms Prosecutions, including Haiti. The Department of State is also supporting the regional Crime Gun Intelligence Unit in Trinidad and Tobago to help Caribbean partner nations solve gun-related crime cases, deter gun crimes in the region and bring criminals to justice.

Finally, the State Department is partnering with Homeland Security Investigations to create a Transnational Criminal Investigative Unit within Haiti to facilitate investigations and prosecution of transnational crimes, including those with a U.S. nexus. This new unit will focus on crimes including firearms and ammunition smuggling, human trafficking, and transnational gang activity.

We will continue to use all available tools to promote accountability for corrupt actors, individuals supporting gang violence, and other criminal activity in Haiti. The United States remains committed to promoting peace and prosperity for the people of Haiti.

Source : State.Gov