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Startups’ project development with the school of venture financing

Recently, the second stream of the venture investment school was held at the State Business Incubator. Promising startups that want to develop and plan to attract investors to their projects were selected as listeners.

The school was created to give startups the necessary knowledge on business development, introduce them to the concept of venture capital and help attract investors to their business competently.

During the two-day trainings, the participants learned what investments are, got acquainted with the channels for attracting investments, and learned what investment instruments exist. But most importantly, they now have the knowledge of which companies can become their investors.

After the theoretical part, the second day of the venture investment school was devoted to practice, indicators and metrics.

The participants got acquainted with the legal part of the agreement between the startup and the investor, the investment funnel, startup indicators and received a list of venture funds, both local and foreign.

Upon completion of the training, all participants received certificates of successful completion of the school.

Participant feedback

Mukhayo Kamolova and Tahmina Ishmatova, participants of the RIM project, shared their feedback after passing through the school:

“We are a technology company in the field of jurisprudence and law. Our team is creating a convenient online platform for the database of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and providing remote access to regular updates and reliable sources of the legal framework. The main mission of RIM is considered to be the stimulation of legal education of the population of Tajikistan and the digital transformation of the legal sphere.

These two days were very informative for us, useful information was provided for our project. We are grateful to the organizers of the event for the development of the eco-system of innovations and investments in our country.”

Khurshed Nosirov, the author of the Vezoo project, also shared his impressions:“We have created an online service that brings together those people who need to send something and those who travel often and can earn extra money through delivery. The service is the first regional sharing platform.

I would like to note the continuous support received from relevant government agencies, in particular the State Business Incubator. The incubation programs they organize help us promote and popularize our service.

For every startup, timely investment is critical. In this direction, “Tajikistan venture capital” plays a very important role and the organized master class “School of Venture Investments” allowed us to raise our potential to attract the right investments to the project,” Nosirov said.

Another review from Alisher Sobirov, member of the football+ startup:

“Our project is the first national football application. We provide broadcast services to all football fans and our goal is to bring football to every home.During these two days that we spent at school, we learned what venture capital investment is in general. Knowledge helped us understand how to behave when packaging and preparing a project for investors. We learned how to present information, how to prepare a project for startups and already existing businesses.

I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity to receive valuable information and participate in this school.”

The initiative is carried out within the framework of the project “Empowering youth through the development of professional skills and the promotion of innovation in Tajikistan”, funded by the Trust Fund “Russian Federation – United Nations Development Program for Development”.

source: asiaplustj