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Israel, US to Conduct Drills Simulating Attack on Iran Nuclear Facilities

The Israeli military will conduct a series of joint exercises with the US, including a simulation of a potential attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Citing an unnamed source, Jerusalem’s Channel 12 reported earlier this week that the US military will bring “a large number” of Patriot missiles and other interceptors for the exercise.

Another drill will reportedly practice Israel’s response to a multi-front missile attack.

The joint exercises are said to begin “in the coming months.”

When asked for comment, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) declined to provide specifics, but said the country and the US regularly conduct joint military drills.

Recent Collaboration

The news comes a month after the two countries showcased their capabilities during the “Juniper Oak” air forces training exercise.

The event simulated aerial combat scenarios, including strikes deep into enemy territories.

“It’s the largest and most significant exercise we have engaged in together and is intended to demonstrate that the US commitment to Israel’s security is ironclad and enduring,” Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said.

In March, Israeli forces also participated in a two-week US exercise dubbed “Red Flag,” which included drills involving nearly a hundred aircraft.

Iran Nuclear Threat

Israel has been under increasing nuclear threats from arch-foe Iran, which is reportedly close to testing a nuclear weapon for the first time.

European intelligence reports claimed that Tehran has been ramping up the development of highly-enriched uranium necessary for making nuclear weapons.

Because of the threats, Jerusalem laid out operational plans to “neutralize” the controversial nuclear program, including initiating a preemptive strike on its key facilities.

Iran's nuclear water reactor
Iran’s nuclear water reactor. Photo: AFP