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His famed agent “planted” Thomas Pieters

Since Belgian Thomas Pieters decided to join the LIV “rebels” circuit at the last minute, he hasn’t heard from his agent Mark Steinberg.

Thomas Pieters , 31, is one of six players who joined the breakout LIV circuit for the Season 2 opener.

The only real “big catch” from Greg Norman who seems to be struggling to recruit since the PGA Tour responded with “boosted” tournaments.

Certainly firmly opposed to this career choice of the player from Antwerp, Mark Steinberg who has been managing the interests of Tiger Woods since 1998 (!) has therefore decided to no longer take care of Pieters but did not warn him!

It was to Alan Shipnuck , the biographer of Phil Mickelson who was kicked out of his press conference in London last June, that Pieters told this story.

The Belgian wasn’t informed directly by Steinberg about his decision, he learned it from someone else when he arrived in Mexico this week. “It’s still a crazy thing, he just disappeared ,” said Pieters.

“  But before he left, did he take his commission on your signing bonus ” (estimated at $10 million), Shipnuck asked. “ No  ,” laughed the Belgian, “  otherwise I would have tweeted about it right away! »

Pieters, now a father of two, said the LIV Golf schedule , with 14 fixtures a year, would suit him better, as he didn’t feel capable of spending 26 weeks a year on the PGA Tour .

That Pieters is surprised by Steinberg’s decision to withdraw seems equally astonishing.

If he didn’t keep his agent informed of his dealings with the LIV, it’s because he knew he wouldn’t like it. That Steinberg no longer wants him in his stable is ultimately quite logical.

He has been Tiger Woods’ most intimate advisor for more than 25 years and the latter is fiercely opposed to the arrival of Greg Norman on the circuit.

The Ryder Cup? Pieters still hopes

Finally, note that Pieters has not completely given up playing the Ryder Cup . Present in the Hero Cup, he knows that he can no longer count on a “captain pick” from Luke Donald.

He will have to bet everything on his results in the Majors to climb in the European or world points and be part of the automatic qualifiers.

All this remains hypothetical, however, since we have to wait for the decision of the UK legal body responsible for deciding the case between the LIV players and the DP World Tour.

source: golfplanete