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China Calls AUKUS Triggering Arms Race

Jakarta, IDM –  China again criticized the steps of Australia, Britain and the United States (US) which increased cooperation through AUKUS. The defense pact is considered to be detrimental to regional peace and stability.

“China resolutely opposes the formation of the so-called Trilateral Defense Pact between the US, UK and Australia. This kind of small circle, which is dominated by a Cold War mentality, is useless and very dangerous,” said Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei, launching Chinamil.com, Monday (3/4).

Furthermore, he explained that AUKUS risks causing nuclear proliferation as well as triggering an arms race. This is because through AUKUS, Australia will become one of the countries that have nuclear-powered submarines. The third step by the country will make other countries, including China, need to increase their armed forces and increase regional tensions.

“Such cooperation is an extension of each country’s nuclear deterrence policy, and it is a play tool for them to build the ‘Asia-Pacific version of NATO’ and maintain their own hegemony,” said Tan.

According to him, these countries used the narrative of the ‘China threat’ as the reason for forming AUKUS. Tan also emphasized that China has a vision of building global peace and it is the US that has created threats in various parts of the world.

“For a long time, the United States had the highest defense budget of all countries in the world, and the United States also waged wars and created chaos everywhere,” said Tan.

Source : Indonesia Defense Magazine