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Academia Hernando Presents “Selling the United States Constitution: The Struggle for Ratification”

The Constitution, the vital document that serves as the very foundation of our nation and government, will be the topic of the next Academia Hernando presentation at 10 am on Friday, October 13, when Dr. Ruth Kelly will present “Selling the United States Constitution: The Struggle for Ratification” at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2301 Deltona Blvd., Spring Hill.
Academia Hernando is a not-for-profit lifelong learning organization providing quality instruction and learning experiences for adult students throughout Hernando County and beyond. Their goal is to inform, educate and inspire adult learners through a series of weekly lectures on a wide variety of topics.

“Today, we accept the Constitution as the ‘law of the land,’ but that was not always the case. The U.S. Constitution was born in secrecy in Philadelphia in 1787 and barely ratified by the states in 1789. We will look at the political philosophies and practicalities that drove our founding fathers to write the document that changed our form of government,” read an event notice. “This document was not initially accepted by a majority of the American public, and the story of the ratification of the Constitution is one of political mastery and plain old political dirty tricks.”

In her presentation, Kelly plans to pose and address compelling questions regarding the document that, for all intents and purposes, served as a building block for our nation and culture. “The Constitution of the United States has endured longer than any other constitution in the world,” she said. “How and why was it written, and was it a popular document when it was proposed?”

Ruth Kelly, Ph.D., is a retired history professor who has taught college courses on the United States Constitution for many years. She has published books and papers on this period in American history.

Sharon Printz, a board member of Academia Hernando, looks forward to welcoming this popular presenter back to the Academia stage.

“Dr. Ruth Kelly is a retired professor who knows the history of America and Ireland through both research and travel. She feels connected to both countries, and her observations and insights are both thoughtful and humorous,” she said. “She loves her topic and makes history come alive through stories and anecdotes. We are privileged to welcome her to Academia Hernando.”

Printz is looking forward to the energy and entertainment that she feels Kelly will bring to the presentation. “I have heard her on one other topic, about Ireland, and she makes history real and exciting!” said Printz. “Of course, she’s Irish, and the two countries are so intertwined.”

The most recent presentation in Academia Hernando’s Fall 2023 series, which covers a wide range of fascinating subjects with the help of the subject matter experts who know them best, is on the United States Constitution.

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