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A Tajik-inhabited construction van burned in Perm

In Perm, one of the construction wagons, in which Tajik labor migrants lived, burned down, Asia-Plus was told at the Tajik embassy in Russia.

The incident took place on the evening of February 27th.

During the emergency, no one was injured, but the documents of five migrants were completely burned.

The embassy noted that the fire occurred in one of the wagons in which food was stored.

“The Consulate General of the Republic of Tajikistan in the city of Ufa of the Russian Federation and the Tajik community in this region expressed their readiness to provide the necessary assistance to the victims,” the embassy noted.

It was noted that the Consulate will also help in the issue of restoring documents.

Perm law enforcement agencies are investigating the incident and establishing the cause of the fire.

source: asiaplustj