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2023 Defense Bill impact on Minot Air Force Base

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The $858 billion defense bill passed by the U.S. Senate Thursday night has important provisions for Minot Air Force Base.

Among other projects, the bill provides $3.6 billion for Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent modernization.

In the bill, $735 million would go towards replacing engines and radars for the B-52s.

And, $39 million would improve communications equipment at the nuclear command at Minot Air Force Base.

2023 Defense Bill(none)
By Joe Skurzewski and Hope Sisk

Both of North Dakota’s U.S. Senators discussed the impact the bill will have on Minot.

“I included a provision that requires a provision that requires the Air Force to give us a schedule as to when we’ll get a new weapons generation facility that serves both the bomber wing and the missile wing,” said Sen. John Hoeven, R-ND.

“It emphasizes probably our highest priority, and that’s nuclear modernization programs, and it really protects our strategic deterrent to keep pace with our adversaries, especially with China and Russia,” said Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-ND.

The bill now goes to the President’s desk.

Source : KFYR TV